In this webinar, we covered important topics around safety and security for schools, specifically looking at security challenges in charter schools. Access the slides and recording of this webinar to learn about school safety measures, emergency planning, threat assessment, and more.
Gary Sigrist
President and CEO, Safeguard Risk Solutions

Gary Sigrist is a nationally known speaker, consultant, author and expert on emergency preparedness. His career spans more than 30 years as an educator, administrator and police officer. Sigrist’s background in both education and law enforcement gives him a unique perspective on safety and preparedness, which he brings to his work with clients of Safeguard Risk Solutions. Sigrist launched Safeguard Risk Solutions in 2013 with his partner and friend Mick Yinger.

Drew McMahen
Director of Business Development, Charter School Capital

Drew grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and stayed true to his roots by obtaining his B.A. at Jackson’s Bellhaven College. After working in the field of education for more than six years, he discovered the charter school movement and began making changes that would allow him to support his community. His belief in the charter school movement also led him to Charter School Capital where he hopes to have a positive impact on charter schools across the country.

Stuart Ellis
President and CEO, Charter School Capital

Stuart is one of the founders of Charter School Capital, the nation’s leading provider of growth capital and facilities financing to charter schools nationwide. The company has provided more than $1.5 billion in support of more than 550+ charter schools educating 650,000 students.