In this webinar, the speakers discuss the charter school facilities landscape and how to properly plan a facilities project. They’ll touch on how to balance your team’s facility dreams with your budget and even share some pitfalls you can avoid so you can take away actionable insights on what considerations you need to make when planning a facility project for your school.

Jon Dahlberg
Vice President of Business Development & Facilities, Charter School Capital

Jon brings years of financial experience to the Charter School Capital team, along with his plethora of vibrant socks and bowties. A graduate of Bethel University, with a Bachelor’s in Accounting, Jon has more than 25 years experience in financial services. Prior to joining Charter School Capital, Jon spent more than a decade at Wells Fargo, where he rose to Vice President for Product Management.

Freddy Mendoza
Founder & Teacher, Arizona College Prep Academy

Freddy involves himself in his community and has been participating in the improvement of Arizona’s Public Education System for more than a decade. He has created many paths to hook students through music, sports, art and other co-curricular opportunities. Freddy founded the Southern Arizona Athletic Association which offers sporting opportunities to over 500 student athletes in the Tucson area.

Stuart Ellis
President and CEO, Charter School Capital

Stuart is one of the founders of Charter School Capital, the nation’s leading provider of growth capital and facilities financing to charter schools nationwide. The company has provided more than $1.5 billion in support of more than 550+ charter schools educating 650,000 students.