Webinar: Coronavirus Vaccines: What to Expect for Your School's Safety [with Dr. Poland]

Watch Mayo Clinic's Dr. Gregory Poland to Discuss COVID-19 and Your School's Response

Watch this recorded webinar for a return of the Mayo Clinic’s distinguished Dr. Gregory Poland, for another in our COVID-19 Safety webinar series. As we hear more and more about the potential for vaccines for COVID 19, and some of those discussions have been political, we’ve brought back Dr. Poland to help school leaders understand what to expect as new vaccines are rolled out to our nation and our schools.

  • When new vaccines are developed, what are the stages they go through?
  • What is Operation Warp Speed and what does it mean for your school?
  • What can school leaders expect and how can they set expectations for their families and students?


Gregory Poland, M.D. 
Mayo Clinic
Dr. Poland is the immediate past president of the Department of Defense’s prestigious Defense Health Board and the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board.