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Teacher Retention for 2023 & Beyond:
How to Build a Lasting Relationship

What can charter leaders do to create lasting relationships with their educators?

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In speaking to over 400 school leaders at the 2022 National Charter Schools Conference, we asked about the biggest challenge they face. The most common answer: teacher retention.

Teachers leaving the profession has alarming implications—they are the heartbeat of nourishing learning environments, and have the largest impact on students. But the numbers are clear: according to a 2022 National Education Association (NEA) survey, more than 44 percent of new teachers leave the profession within five years. NEA also found that a disproportionate percentage of Black (62%) and Hispanic/Latino (59%) educators, already underrepresented in the teaching profession, were looking toward the exits.

What can charter leaders do to create lasting relationships with their educators, and provide the support they need to come back next year—and then year after year?

Turn to the experts with this information-packed webinar, where you’ll get:

  • The facts on why teachers are leaving the profession
  • Ways to offer support and encourage teacher growth
  • Tips for managing your school so that teachers are excited to stay


Charlotte Pullins
Dr. Charlotte Pullins
Founder of ELC Training and Consulting LLC.
Dir. of DEI and Belonging at Arizona Charter Academy
Dr. Charlotte Pullins has spent over a decade in education. She is the co-founder of a non-profit that educates underserved children. She also is the founder and lead consultant of ELC Training and Consulting LLC and is a certified DEI specialist.

Tuan Nguyen
Professor Tuan Nguyen
Kansas State University
Tuan D. Nguyen is an assistant professor in Curriculum and Instruction at Kansas State University. He studies teacher attrition and retention and the effects of education policies intended for social equity and school improvement.

Michael Barber
Michael Barber
Vice President of Marketing
Charter School Capital
Michael is dedicated to serving schools with valuable content, straightforward support, and transparent messaging.