Getting Into Your Forever Home Starts Yesterday
How School Leaders and Board Members Plan for the Future of Their Facilities
Co-presented by BoardOnTrack and Charter School Capital

Prepare for your facilities changes—now.

Ensuring your school has the right place to call home is one of the most important decisions school leaders and boards must make. Facilities decisions require significant planning when it comes to finding the right building and selecting a financing model; these decisions also require foresight, ensuring that the process starts early enough to be successful. Unfortunately, many schools wait until it’s too late to make their facility dreams a reality.

Mike Mizzoni from BoardOnTrack and John Dahlberg from Charter School Capital discussed how school leaders and boards can ensure they make timely and impactful decisions for their school’s facilities future.

In this session:
  • Learn how to prepare for facilities changes early enough
  • Explore facilities solutions, including sale leasebacks for different and existing buildings and building purchases
  • Compare the timelines of facilities solutions and how to take action—sooner rather than later! 


Jon Dahlberg
Jon Dahlberg
Senior Vice President of Strategic Relationships
Charter School Capital
Jon is passionate about working with charter leaders. He has helped charter schools find their forever homes for over a decade. 
Mike Mizzoni
Mike Mizzoni
Chief Governance Officer
Mike provides charter schools with an online governance platform and unmatched expert guidance. He has worked with school leaders for almost his entire career.