On-Demand Webinar
California Governor's Budget and Legislative Language Update

Learn more about the Governor's proposed budget and pending legislation.

In our Sacramento policy and budget experts, Monique Ramos and Branché Jones, to discuss the latest updates from Governor Newsom's 2022-23 Budget and critical legislative updates.

We dive into the impact of the 2022-23 Budget on California Charter Schools, including large fluctuations on ADA due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic mitigations and state funding for SB 740 Charter School Facility Program. With the California Charter Schools Conference just around the corner, it's sure to be an informative webinar for California Charter School leaders.

This webinar covers:
  • The latest updates related to the 2022-2023 Budget
  • Budget impacts on California Charter Schools
  • What's on the legislative horizon for California


Meet Janet Johnson
Monique Ramos
Partner, California Strategies & Advocacy
Monique provides California Strategies & Advocacy’s clients strategic insights regarding the State Budget and the Legislative process.
Branche Jones
Branché Jones
Lobbyist and Political Consultant
Branché Jones is a Sacramento based lobbyist and political consultant.
Meet Michael Barber
Michael Barber
Michael is our official webinar host. Outside of hosting duties, Michael works with our marketing team on resources to help school leaders thrive.