On-Demand Webinar
Enrollment Marketing for Charter Schools
Retain your students, grow your school, and build your brand

Watch the enrollment marketing knowledge gained from serving 50+ schools

Charter School leaders are passionate about education and can readily explain why their school exists but may not always be able to get that valuable message out to a wider audience. This is where Enrollment Marketing steps in.

Enrollment Marketing elevates each Charter School’s messaging and reach – through targeted efforts and purposeful marketing, delivering critical enrollment results. In this webinar, members of our Enrollment Marketing team discuss best practices and tactics for retaining current students, growing your school, and building your school's brand in the community.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How to develop successful enrollment marketing efforts
  • Tips and tricks for different types of enrollment marketing tactics
  • More information about our pay-for-performance enrollment marketing services


Meet Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson
Chief Growth Officer
Janet leads all brand and growth marketing initiatives for our company and enrollment marketing services.
Liz Overson
Liz Overson
Enrollment Marketing
Liz conceptualizes, writes, edits and promotes the unique and meaningful attributes of our enrollment marketing clients.
Ashley MacQuarrie
Ashley MacQuarrie
Director of Enrollment Marketing
Ashley leads our passionate and dedicated Enrollment Marketing team.
Michael Barber
Michael is official webinar host. Outside of hosting duties, Michael works with our marketing team on resources to help school leaders thrive.